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Financial Announcements

(Formerly Announcements to Account Administrators)
See also Permanent Financial Announcements

"The University is required to make payments only to suppliers who are in good standing with the federal government. As a result of this requirement, we cannot buy or pay any supplier who is banned from doing business with the federal government. The federal government classifies these suppliers as "debarred or excluded". This same requirement also prevents us from reimbursing any individual for goods or services obtained from a debarred or excluded supplier..." Read the important announcement on this from Purchasing and Payment Services.

March 20, 2013: Changes in Reissuance of Forged, Lost, Misplaced, or Destroyed Checks (Policy 2703)

January 14, 2010: Payment of Invoices > $5,000

November 5, 2009: Ledger Distribution

May 2009: 2008-09 Year End Accounting Closing Dates

November 4, 2008: Change in the GEMS Credit Card Issuer

August 24, 2007: Changes in processing Non-Salary Disbursement Transactions

November 27, 2006: Financial Policy Changes - #1202

April 18, 2006: New Name for Subaccount 4200 on FAS Ledgers

October 19, 2005: Document Request Website

June 28, 2004: Change in Non-Mandatory Coding - Effective July 1, 2004 for FY 2005 Transactions

April 9, 2004: Change in Procedures For Requesting Electronic (Wire Transfer) Payments

April 9, 2004: Elimination of Paper Foreign Currency Drafts

June 10, 2002: Charging for Special Services

May 21, 2002: Instructions: How to close a petty cash account

April 16, 2001: Debarred Vendors and Excluded Parties Certificate of Compliance