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Buying and Paying

"The University is required to make payments only to suppliers who are in good standing with the federal government. As a result of this requirement, we cannot buy or pay any supplier who is banned from doing business with the federal government. The federal government classifies these suppliers as "debarred or excluded". This same requirement also prevents us from reimbursing any individual for goods or services obtained from a debarred or excluded supplier..." Read the important announcement on this from Central Procurement Services.

Information that deserves your special attention

Authorities, responsibilities, and standards for purchases, gifts, membership fees, minority owned businesses, and so forth

Tools for selecting vendors and purchasing goods and services

Tools for paying for goods and services

Quick Reference Guide for reimbursements and supporting documentation standards for disbursements

Forms Used in Buying and Paying
Vouchers, purchase orders, delivery forms, and more

Relevant Central University Offices
Offices and units that can assist in the buying and paying processes

A service of AdmiNET, the University's travel site includes information about travel reimbursements.