06.06.20 The Vendor Complaint Report is now available at

04.27.20 Information about Recharge Operations is now available at

03.30.20 Information about Justification for Sole Source is now available at

03.24.20 Financial Policies are now available at

12.10.14 2014 Christmas Memo

11.04.14 2014 Thanksgiving Memo

08.14.14 2014 Labor Day Memo

12.30.13: 2014 Federal W-4 Form

04.03.13: FAS Batch Reference Contact List

03.20.13: Changes in Reissuance of Forged, Lost, Misplaced, or Destroyed Checks (Policy 2703)

03.25.10: GEMS Upgrade Message

01.19.10: Financial Services announces the full implementation of electronic FAS ledgers (eLedgers) as of January 11, 2010

01.14.10: Payment of Invoices > $5,000

11.11.09: Four Seasons Hotel Chicago and Ritz Carlton Chicago offer a new Moderate Guest Room rate

10.19.09: Lufthansa Buy Business, Fly First Promotion (PDF)

06.29.09: Change in Employment Services Contacts

06.23.09: Minimum Wage Increase

12.11.08: Travel Direct Bill Program Closure

09.03.08: Special Events Announcement

07.30.08: Revision to Financial Policy 1206

04.30.08: Reopening Closed Requisitions Policy Revision

03.11.08: Policy Revisions for Involuntary Terminations

01.09.07: New Credit Union ATM

10.31.06: Annual Certification Statements for Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2006

01.27.06: ACCTS – Cost Transfer Module Electronic Journal Vouchers and Expenditure Transfers

10.19.05: Document Request Website

05.03.05 Federal Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Cost Rates

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