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Office of the Comptroller

University Administrators

FROM: Gia Kastelic, Associate Comptroller, Disbursements
SUBJECT: Changes in processing Non-Salary Disbursement Transactions
DATE: August 24th,  2007

As of September 1st, 2007 the following changes will go into effect:

1.  The Comptroller’s office will no longer require receipts for any reimbursable expenses under $75 except for the following:

  • Business meals
  • Hotels (Lodging)

Note:  While expenses under $75 will not require receipts, they must still be itemized according to the IRS Accountable Plan Rules and University policies and procedures.    See ”Supporting Documentation Standards”.

2.  In order to be in compliance with internal control recommendations, vendor payments processed on Direct Payment Vouchers can no longer be held for pick up at the Bursar’s Office.  All vendor payments MUST be mailed directly to the vendor’s address.  Any exceptions must be approved by an NSD supervisor.