FAS User's Manual Table of Contents
1. Funds
1.a. Fund Accounting
1.b. Fund Groups
2. Ledgers
2.a. General Ledger
2.b. Subsidiary Ledgers
2.b.i. Ledger 1
2.b.ii. Ledger 2
2.b.iii. Ledger 3
2.b.iv. Ledger 4
2.b.v. Ledger 5 Ledger 6
2.b.vii. Ledger 7
2.b.viii. Ledger 8
2.b.ix. Ledger 9
3. Accounts
3.a. Account Numbers
3.a.i. Account Controls
3.a.ii. Subaccounts
3.a.iii. Global Subcode Edit Table
3.b. Master and Associate Accounts
3.c. Account Mapping
3.d. Account Blocking/Chart of Accounts
3.d.i. General Ledger Blocking Overview
3.d.ii. Ledger 0 Blocking
3.d.ii.1  Unrestricted Funds
3.d.ii.2  Loan Funds
3.d.ii.3  Endowment Funds
3.d.ii.4  Annuity and Life Income Funds
3.d.iii. Ledger 1 Blocking
3.d.iv. Ledger 2 Blocking
3.d.v. Ledger 3 Blocking Ledger 4 Blocking
3.d.vii. Ledger 5 Blocking
3.d.viii. Ledger 6 Blocking
3.d.ix. Ledger 7 Blocking
3.d.x. Ledger 8 Blocking
3.d.xi. Ledger 9 Blocking
4. Attributes
5. Budgets
5.a Revenues and Expenditures
5.a.i. Line-Item Budgeting
5.a.i.1. Monthly Line Item Budgeting
5.a.i.2. Yearly Line Item Budgeting
5.b. Automatic Budget Reallocation
5.b.i. How ABR Works in FAS
5.b.ii. Combining Line-item and ABR
6. Encumbrances
7. Departments
8. Executive Levels
9. Transaction Processing
9.a. Overview of Accounting
9.b. Indirect Updating
9.c. Transaction Information
9.c.i. Entry Codes
9.d. Month-end Processing
9.e. Year-end Processing
9.f. Dollar Fields
10. Forms used by FAS [in progress]
11. Online Access to FAS [in progress]
12. Reports Generated by FAS [in progress]
13. Troubleshooting [in progress]
14. List of Abbreviations [in progress]
15. Frequently Asked Questions [in progress]

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