cMore: Application for a Degree - Screenshots

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These screenshots are provided for administrators because access to the cMore website is CNetID-protected and limited to current students of the University. Screenshots last updated 03/30/11.

cMore: Application for a Degree

  1. Instructions
  2. Select Quarter
  3. Name Information
  4. Degree Information
  5. Affiliates
  6. Convocation Plans (non-Spring)
  7. Convocation Plans (Spring)
  8. Convocation Plans, 2nd degree Spring quarter, walking with first degree
  9. Convocation Plans: PhD program, with hooding ceremony option
  10. Correspondance Address (view only)
  11. Summary Page
  12. Withdraw Application Options
  13. Withdraw Confirmation
  14. Convocation Plans summary on Select Quarter page, post-deadline

Please Note: When a student has already applied for the degree, they can go back to review or edit their application information by following the "Apply for Degree(s)" link on the Academic Information page in cMore. They will be taken directly to the Summary page (after submit version).