Account Attributes
Map Code 
Field Name: MAP CODE Inquiry Screen #: 05
Common Abbreviation: Map
Dictionary Reference Number: FS038
Field Length: 5 numeric characters
Required Accounts: All subsidiary ledger accounts
Definition: The map code maintains the accounting relationship of an income and/or expense account to a balance sheet account. Through the code, the financial accounting system points a subsidiary ledger account to a unique general ledger account for indirect updating of cash, fund balance, budget, revenue, expenditure and encumbrance account controls. The 5-digit number is equivalent to digits 2 through 6 of the related general ledger account.
Modification: Cannot be modified. Requires creation of a new subsidiary ledger account.
Responsibility: Managers of Current Unrestricted Funds, Current Restricted Funds, and Capital Funds
Data Verification Procedure: System verified
Values: See Section 3.d Account Blocking/Chart of Accounts in the FAS User's Manual.
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