Account Attributes
Fixed Asset Number
Field Name: FIXED ASSET # Inquiry Screen #: 07
Common Abbreviation: FAN
Dictionary Reference Number: FS480
Field Length: 6 numeric characters
Required Accounts: 8-8XXXX
Definition: This attribute indicates the fixed asset number of the building where the renovation or construction project is taking place. The fixed asset number is the Invested in Physical Properties Fixed Asset Account number. 

A project account may have multiple fixed asset numbers related to it. These multiple numbers are identified by value 99999. See the Plant Fund Accountant's records for current values.

Modification: Online
Responsibility: Manager, Capital Funds
Data Verification Procedures: Review annually for incorrect or missing fixed asset numbers.
= Current list of Invested in Physical Properties account numbers
= Multiple buildings
= Not building related
Applicable Accounts: 2-25XXX 
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