Account Attributes
Executive Level
Field Name: EXEC LEVEL Inquiry Screen #: 02, 05
Common Abbreviation: EX
Dictionary Reference Number: FG138, FS046
Field Length: 2 numeric characters
Required Accounts: All General and Subsidiary Ledger accounts
Definition: The executive level indicates the senior level administrator responsible for the account. It is also used for reporting/analysis purposes and is defined in various systems tables throughout the University (e.g., Payroll/Personnel, Computation Center). Reassignment of the executive level code is prohibited until the code has been inactive for a period of two years. Inactive executive level codes have been assigned the identifiers "Delete 1" or "Delete 2" to indicate their status.
Modification: Online. Note: Modification of this attribute after the year-end processing cycle affects the comparability of financial reports.
Responsibility: Comptroller and Associate Comptroller for University Accounting & Financial Management. FAS is the official source of executive level names and codes. All additions or changes should be communicated in writing to the Office of the Comptroller.
Values: See the Alphabetic List of Executive Levels, or the Numeric List of Executive Levels and their Departments.
Notification: Changes to this document must be communicated to: Office of Financial Planning and the Budget, Human Resources, Office of the Comptroller including Payroll and Financial Systems, Information System. Planning, Computing Organizations and Development-ADDS.
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