Account Attributes
Cost Sharing
Field Name: COST SHARE Inquiry Screen #: 06
Common Abbreviation: CS
Dictionary Reference Number: FS446
Field Length: 1 alpha character 
Required Accounts: Ledger 5 and occasionally Ledger 6 accounts that include a provision for mandatory auditable contributions
Definition: Contributions toward the total project cost above the amount provided by the sponsoring agency. These amounts may be institutional or non-federal; cash or in-kind.
Modification: Online
Responsibility: Post-Award Administrator, Restricted Funds
Data Verification Procedures: N/A


M - Mandatory

V - Voluntary Committed

Applicable Accounts: Subsidiary Ledger accounts: 
  5-27300 thru 5-27399 
5-27900 thru 5-27999 
5-28001 thru 5-29989 
5-30000 thru 5-99989 
6-34000 thru 6-39998 
6-40000 thru 6-99899
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