Account Attributes
Co-Principal Investigator Employee Number
Field Name: CO-PR PR# Inquiry Screen #: 03
Common Abbreviation: Co-PI PR#
Dictionary Reference Number: FG446, FS348
Field Length: 9 numeric characters
Required Accounts: General and Subsidiary Ledgers of all Ledger 5, 6, and 8 accounts that have a Co-Principal Investigator/Project Director that is jointly responsible for the activity supported by the grant or contract.
Definition: Used to identify the individual listed as Co-Principal Investigator on grant and contract accounts. The 9-digit identifier is provided by the Payroll Section of the Comptroller's Office. If a Co-PI doesn't have a payroll number assigned, the Comptroller's Office will derive one for reporting purposes.
Modification: Online
Responsibility: Ledgers 5 and 6: Manager, Post Award Administration, Restricted Funds 

Ledger 8: Manager, Capital Funds

Data Verification: Ledgers 5 and 6: Assignment is the responsibility of a Post Award Administrator. Verification of the entered value is the responsibility of a Post Award Assistant. 

Ledger 8: Assignment is the responsibility of the Supervisor of Plant Funds.

Values: Any number between 0 and 000,999,999
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