Account Attributes
Close Memo Type
Field Name: CLOSE MEMO TYPE Inquiry Screen #: 06
Common Abbreviation: Close Memo Type
Dictionary Reference Number: FS277
Field Length: 1 numeric character
Definition: The closing memo is a request to the department to submit the information and the documents needed to close the award.  They type of closing memo is determined by the characteristics of the award.
Modification: Online
Responsibility: System generated.
Data Verification Procedure: Account creator verifies correctness of data in FAS.
0 Default
1 Single fund continuing award with the budget period terminating and FSR required
2 An FDP award at the end of the final budget period.
3 A non-FDP award at the end of the final budget period with an FSR required.
4 A drug study.
5 A non-Federal award, not a drug study, with a termination date but no FSR required.
6 A non-FDP award with a budget period ending but followed by a non-competing renewal award.  The following year's FAS number has been assigned.
7 A non-FDP award at the end of the final budget period; and invoice, rather than an FSR, is required.
Applicable Accounts: Subsidiary Ledger 
6-34000 through 6-39998
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