Account Attributes
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Field Name: CLOSE CODE Inquiry Screen #: 03
Common Abbreviation: AC
Dictionary Reference Number: FG673
Field Length: 1 alpha character
Required Accounts: All General Ledger accounts in Restricted Funds which are under letter of credit.
Definition: This attribute indicates the status of an account for reporting purposes.  It will be used in determining the accounts under letter of credit that will be included in the Monthly/Quarterly Federal Cash Transaction Report to the Federal Agency.
Modification: Online
Responsibility: Accounting and Disbursement Section in Restricted Funds.
Data Verification Procedure: Verification is the responsibility of the Accounting and Disbursement Section.
 =  Active accounts.  These are the accounts which have not expired yet or are not yet reported.
 =  These are accounts which have been reported and should not be included in the Federal Cash Transaction Report to the Federal Agency.
Applicable Accounts: 0-28401 / 0-28899 
0-29001 / 0-29099 
0-29201 / 0-29299 
0-29401 / 0-29499 
0-29601 / 0-29649 
0-29651 / 0-29699 
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