Account Attributes
CBRF Development Attribute
Field Name: CBRF Inquiry Screen #: 07
Common Abbreviation: CBRF
Dictionary Reference Number: FS464
Field Length: 1 alphabetic character
Required Accounts: Subsidiary Ledger of ledger 6 and 7 accounts that the Budget Office specifies as "centrally budgeted".
Definition: This attribute is used to identify accounts that the Budget Office has designated as Centrally Budgeted Restricted Funds (CBRF). CBRF are restricted expendable (Ledger 6) or endowment income (Ledger 7) funds whose designation by the donor is sufficiently flexible to allow their use as a substitute for unrestricted University funds in underwriting the academic budget. 

CBRF support is drawn from non-federal gifts and grants raised primarily through the efforts of the Central Development Office and University administration (i.e., the President and Provost), and from bequest receipts where the restrictions placed on the funds by the donors are broadly enough drawn to allow the substitution of restricted for unrestricted dollars.

Modification: Online
Responsibility: Ledger 6: Manager, Post Award Administration, Restricted Funds 

Ledger 7: Manager, Capital Funds

Data Verification: Ledger 6: Assignment is the responsibility of a Post Award Administrator. Verification of the entered value is the responsibility of a Post Award Assistant. 

Ledger 7: Responsibility of Budget Office for review.

= Yes, CBRF
= Not CBRF
Default: Blank
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