Account Attributes
Budget Period Ending Date
Field Name: BUDGET END DATE Inquiry Screen #: 03, 06
Common Abbreviation: BUDEND
Dictionary Reference Number: FG652, FS360 
FG653, FS361 (MM) 
FG654, FS362 (DD) 
FG655, FS363 (YY)
Field Length: 6 numeric characters -- MMDDYY
Required Accounts: Subsidiary and General Ledger accounts for Restricted Funds accounts, and some Plant Funds accounts for federal and non-federal grants, contracts, and gifts.
Definition: This date indicates the date through which funds have been allocated by the funding agency. The attribute is printed on the monthly report, Account Statement in Whole Dollars, AM090. This attribute controls the column titled Project Year. The computer checks this date during month-end processing to determine when the Project Year field on the report should be set back to zero. Annual modifications of this attribute can allow a multiyear account to maintain accounting on an annual basis. If modifications are not entered for the attribute, expenditure data will continue to accumulate and will be equal to the amounts reflected in the Project Year column.
Modification: Online
Responsibility: Managers of Current Restricted Funds and Capital Funds.
Data Verification Procedures: Quality Control. Verification is the responsibility of the Managers in Restricted Funds.
Applicable Accounts: Subsidiary Ledger: 
5-20001 through 5-26998 
5-27000 through 5-27399 
5-27401 through 5-27999 
5-28001 through 5-29998 
5-30000 through 5-99989
6-34000 through 6-39998 
6-40000 through 6-99899 
8-80000 through 8-83998 
8-84000 through 8-87998
General Ledger: 
0-20001 through 0-26998 
0-27000 through 0-27399 
0-27401 through 0-27999 
0-28001 through 0-29998
0-34000 through 0-39998 
0-80000 through 0-83979 
0-84000 through 0-87979
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