Account Attributes
Award Period Ending Date
Field Name: AWARD END DATE Inquiry Screen #: 03, 06
Common Abbreviation: Award End Date
Dictionary Reference Number: FG660 FS368
Field Length: 6 numeric characters -- MMDDYY
Required Accounts: All General and Subsidiary Ledger Restricted Funds accounts except gifts in Ledger 6 and some Plant Funds in Ledger 8.
Definition: This attribute indicates the end of the grant or contract award period as authorized by the Agency. The termination date is indicated in the award or contract document. An extension of the termination date must be in writing and is usually an amendment or modification of the grant or contract. The award end date is used for determining when the financial report or final bill, in the case of cost-reimbursement contracts, is due. This attribute is used for the Monthly Termination Report used by Restricted Funds in sending closing memos to the Departments.
Modification: Online
Responsibility: Manager, Restricted Funds
Data Verification Procedures: Quality Control. Verification is the responsibility of the Manager of Cash Management, Restricted Funds.
Applicable Accounts: Subsidiary Ledger: 
5-20001 through 5-26998  6-34000 through 6-39998 
5-27000 through 5-27399  6-40000 through 6-99899 
5-27401 through 5-27999  8-80000 through 8-83998 
5-28001 through 5-29998  8-40000 through 8-87998
5-30000 through 5-39899  
General Ledger: 
0-20001 through 0-26998  0-34000 through 0-39998 
0-27000 through 0-27399  0-80000 through 0-83979 
0-27401 through 0-27999  0-84000 through 0-87979
0-28001 through 0-29998  
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