Account Attributes
Award Period Beginning Date
Field Name: AWARD BEGIN DATE Inquiry Screen #: 03, 06
Common Abbreviation: AWBEG
Dictionary Reference Number: FG656, FS364 
FG657, FS365 (MM) 
FG658, FS366 (DD) 
FG659, FS367 (YY)
Field Length: 6 numeric characters -- MMDDYY
Required Accounts: All General and Subsidiary Ledger Restricted Funds accounts except gifts in Ledger 6 and some Plant Funds in Ledger 8.
Definition: This attribute indicates the beginning date of a new or competitive renewal award.  The source information for this attribute value is the award instrument.  (Note:  Prior to 1/10/2000, the award begin date entered into FAS for a NIH competitive renewal award was equal to the award begin date of the original award, i.e., the first segment of the award.)
Modification: Online
Responsibility: Managers of Restricted Funds and Capital Funds.
Data Verification Procedures: Quality Control. Verification is the responsibility of the Managers of Cash Management, Restricted Funds, and Capital Funds.
Applicable Accounts: Subsidiary Ledger:
5-20001 through 5-26998  6-34000 through 6-39998 
5-27000 through 5-27399  6-40000 through 6-99899 
5-27401 through 5-27999  8-80000 through 8-83998 
5-28001 through 5-29998  8-40000 through 8-87998
5-30000 through 5-99899  

General Ledger:
0-20001 through 0-26998  0-34000 through 0-39998 
0-27000 through 0-27399 0-80000 through 0-83979
0-27401 through 0-27999  0-84000 through 0-87979
0-28001 through 0-29998  

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