Account Attributes
Authorized Signer #1, #2, #3, #4
Field Name: AUTH SIGNER #1 
Inquiry Screen #: 02, 05
Dictionary Reference Numbers: Authorized Signer #1:  FG154, FS080 
Authorized Signer #2:  FG156, FS082 
Authorized Signer #3:  FG158, FS084 
Authorized Signer #4:  FG160, FS086
Field Length: 9 numeric characters; the first 3 digits are zeros (000), the remaining 6 digits are the authorization number.
Applicable Accounts: All General and Subsidiary Ledger accounts
Definition: The authorized signer is the person who has the authority to expend funds from this account. This information is accessed by the Accounts Payable and Payroll systems for verification of the signer on the account. This attribute is similar to the account administrator employee number, but it is different in three ways: 
  1. The number must be numeric. 
  2. The authorized signer number must refer to a real person, not a generic title or position. 
  3. Before an authorization number can be entered in FAS, a signature authorization sample card must be on file in the Payroll Department. 
The layout of the number must always be:  000NNNNNN 

where NNNNNN equals the authorization number.

Responsibility: The Payroll Department is reponsible for assigning new numbers and maintaining the signature cards. Other areas of the Comptroller's Office are also responsible for maintaining the integrity of this information.
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