Account Attributes
Anticipated Total Award
Field Name: ANTIC TOTAL AWARD Inquiry Screen #: 06
Common Abbreviation: ANTIC
Dictionary Reference Number: FS456
Field Length: 10 numeric characters
Required Accounts: All grant and contract accounts in ledgers 5 and 6
Definition: The expected award for the completed term of the project. The amount entered is obtained from documents received from the agency or foundation.
Modification: Online
Responsibility: Post Award Administrator, Restricted Funds, enters this information at the time the account is created.
Data Verification Procedures: Review of data entered by Post Award Administrator when account is created or revised.
Values: Amount of award in whole dollars 
Applicable Accounts: Subsidiary Ledger accounts: 
  5-20001 thru 5-27399 
5-27401 thru 5-27999 
5-28001 thru 5-28399 
5-28401 thru 5-28999 
5-29001 thru 5-29199 
5-29201 thru 5-29399 
5-29401 thru 5-29599 
5-29601 thru 5-29649 
5-29651 thru 5-29994 
6-34000 thru 6-35999
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