Account Attributes
Agency Award Number
Field Name: AGENCY AWARD # Inquiry Screen #: 03, 06
Common Abbreviation: Award #
Dictionary Reference Number: FS642, FS252
Field Length: 25 alphanumeric characters
Required Accounts: Subsidiary and General Ledger accounts for Restricted Funds and some Plant Funds accounts which have identifying numbers assigned by the funding agency.
Definition: The grant or contract number that has been assigned by the agency to identify the award. This attribute is abbreviated on the monthly report, AMO90, as ANUM.
Modification: Online
Responsibility: Managers of Current Restricted Funds and Capital Funds
Values: The agency award number on the award document.
Data Verification Procedure: Quality control. Verification is the responsibility of the Manager, Cash Manager, Restricted Funds.
Applicable Accounts:
General Ledger: Subsidiary Ledgers:
0-20001 thru 0-26998   5-20001 thru 5-26998 
5-27000 thru 5-27399 
5-27401 thru 5-27999 
5-28001 thru 5-29998 
5-30000 thru 5-99989 
6-34000 thru 6-39998 
6-40000 thru 6-99899 
8-80000 thru 8-83998 
8-84000 thru 8-87998
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