Account Attributes
ADDS Purpose Code
Field Name: ADDS PURPOSE CODE Inquiry Screen #: 03, 06
Common Abbreviation: ADDS Code
Dictionary Reference Number: FG672, FS388
Field Length: 1 alphanumeric character; see Values below
Required Accounts:
General Ledger accounts:   Subsidiary Ledger accounts:
0-1XXXX  0-5XXXX 
0-2XXXX  0-6XXXX 
0-3XXXX  0-7XXXX 
0-4XXXX  0-9XXXX 
1-XXXXX, 2-XXXXX  Unrestricted Funds
5-XXXXX, 6-XXXXX  Restricted Funds 
7-XXXXX, 8-XXXXX Capital Funds
Definition: This attribute is coded on all accounts for which the source of funding comes from outside the University of Chicago. The attribute is used to classify either the funding or the expenditure purpose as restricted by the donor or funding agency. The definitions are provided by the Development Office and are based on NACUBO/CASE definitions in "Management Reporting Standards for Educational Institutions: Fund Raising and Related Activities" 1982.
Responsibility: Development Office -- all G/L accounts through the Alumni Development Database System (ADDS) and on Form 70.
There is no default value for the ADDS code. Valid values are as follows:
ADDS Value
UNRESTRICTED:  Funds including bequests, given by the Donor without any restriction, regardless of any subsequent designation by the institution for current operations, to function as endowment, or to construct facilities. In cases where the donor expresses a preference but leaves the decision as to use to the institution, the gift should be reported as Unrestricted.
ACADEMIC DIVISION:  Funds that have been restricted for a particular academic division or department of the institution -- such as the College, Humanities, etc. -- but upon which no further restriction has been placed.
FACULTY AND STAFF COMPENSATION:  Funds that have been restricted for faculty and staff salaries and employee benefits. Includes funds in support of sabbatical and other professional leaves for persons in the current employment of the institution. Funds given to support lecture series and consultants should be reported under Other Restricted Activities (code G).
RESEARCH:  Funds that are restricted to scientific, technical, and humanistic investigation. This category includes grants and contracts for individual and/or project research as well as those for institutes and research centers.
LIBRARY:  Funds restricted to the acquisition, restoration, and preservation of books, periodicals, manuscripts, maps, computer systems or databases, audiovisual equipment, and other materials and activities appropriate to a library. Funds for staff salaries and operation and maintenance of the library should be reported under Faculty and Staff Compensation (code F) and Operation and Maintenance of Physical Plant (code Q).
OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF PHYSICAL PLANT:  Funds credited to this category should include support restricted to the ongoing operation of the physical plant, including its buildings and grounds, other facilities, and equipment.
STUDENT FINANCIAL AID:  Funds that have been restricted by the donor for financial aid to students, whether full- or part-time, undergraduate or graduate. Such aid includes both need-based and merit scholarships, graduate fellowships, athletic grants-in-aid, student awards and prizes, and funds given in support of student work-study arrangements.
PUBLIC SERVICE AND EXTENSION:  Funds that are restricted to support activities established primarily to provide non-instructional services beneficial to individuals and groups external to the institution. These activities include community service programs (excluding instructional activities for credit).
OTHER RESTRICTED ACTIVITIES:  All restricted funds that cannot be classified as to purpose in one or another of the above restricted categories, or as Multipurpose (code M) or Purpose Pending (code Z). Included in this category are all gifts to the Hospitals and Clinics for patient care-related services.
LOAN FUNDS:  Funds restricted to be available for loans to students, faculty, and staff.
PROPERTY, BUILDINGS, AND EQUIPMENT:  Gifts of both real and personal property for the use of the institution, as well as funds given for the purpose of purchasing buildings, other facilities, equipment, and land for use of the institution; constructing or providing major renovations of buildings and other facilities; and retirement of indebtedness.
MULTIPURPOSE:  To be used in the General Ledger and in coding master accounts in the Subsidiary  Ledger when a donor places a broad programmatic purpose on the fund which encompasses two or more of the unique purpose code values previously defined, and gives some amount of discretion to the University in allocating monies to fulfill those purposes.
PURPOSE PENDING:  To be used in the General Ledger only to code holding accounts or suspense funds holding funds which are awaiting the assignment of a purpose by the donor or the University.
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