Account Attributes
Account Administrator #2 - Name
Field Name: AA #2 Inquiry Screen #: 02, 05
Dictionary Reference Number: FG338, FS140
Common Abbreviation: AA#2
Field Length: 30 alphanumeric characters
Applicable Accounts: All General and Subsidiary ledger accounts
Definition: This field contains the name of Account Administrator #2 (last name first).  If desired, a title or generic name may be used.  Examples would be "Dean of Students" or "Administrative Assistant".  On the blue pages that precede the account administrator sequence ledgers, this field appears as the second line, underneath the first line which contains the building number. 

When an administrator is added to an account, this information is loaded into FAS from the Account Administrator File (a.k.a. the "Mailing List") via a special account administrator update routine.  This module, which loads all account administrator data by merely changing the account administrator sort key, is an integral part of FAS and is primarily responsible for insuring a uniformity of name and address information throughout the system.  Under no circumstance should an attempt be made to change this data outside the update routine by submitting an attribute modification (EC 02) in a batch update. 

Data Verification Considerations: This field can be added or changed by: 
  1. Submitting an Account Administrator Change Form to the Financial Systems Documentation Coordinator for addition to the Account Administrator File. 
  2. Reloading the new information (after an FAS update, during which the changes/additions get loaded into a file accessible by our screens) by entering the 11-digit building/payroll number on the screen.
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