Account Attributes
Account Administrator #1, Building & Employee (Payroll) Number/ Sort Key
Field Name: AA #1 BLDG/PR # Inquiry Screen #: 02, 05
Dictionary Reference Numbers: FG239, FS071 (Sort Key) 
FG240, FS072 (Building Number) 
FG242, FS074 (Employee Number)
Field Length: 11 numeric characters: the first 2 digits are the Building Number; the remaining 9 digits are the Employee (or Payroll) Number.
Applicable Accounts:  All General and Subsidiary Ledger Accounts
Definition: Sort Key: 

This attribute is critical for the correct insertion of account administrator names and addresses into accounts.  It functions like a "key" or reference number with which the account administrator name and address file is accessed in order to load name and address information into an account.  This form of accessing and loading data may take place either through on-line updating or via a batch update.  In order for the procedure to work, a corresponding entry must first exist in the Account Administrator File, a.k.a. the "Mailing List".  When this attribute is entered on a screen or used in a batch update, the name and address information associated with this key is loaded into the account being modified.  If this entry is not in the Mailing List, then the desired change cannot take place.  The Mailing List and FAS do not automatically communicate with one another unless a transaction to change an account administrator is initiated.  Any change in the address information in the Mailing List must be reloaded into FAS. 

Building Number (digits l and 2): A building, or, in some cases, a location within a building, to which Faculty Exchange makes deliveries. The primary purpose of this attribute is to print ledger reports together by location in order to speed their distribution through Faculty Exchange. 

Employee (or Payroll) Number (digits 3 through 11): The unique numeric ID of the Account Administrator #1.  Originally designed to hold a social security number, this field now has the format shown below in "Values."

Values: The Account Administrator #1 Building/Employee number has the following format: 
Building Number
Three Leading Zeroes
Old University Payroll Number, or new Authorization Number for new employees
Building Number: Values may be obtained from the Delivery Location Number List available in Data Control, or from Buildings

Employee (Payroll) Number: Values may be obtained from the latest version of the FAS Account Administrators List. 

For generic positions (e.g., Dean of the Humanities), a unique alphanumeric, six-digit "dummy" number should be created. This should also be done for administrators who are not University employees (e.g., NORC, Argonne, etc.). In order to avoid duplication, this "dummy" number should be created in consultation with Data Control.

Responsibility: Data Control
Data Verification: Building Number: Any deviations from Data Control's standard list will appear when ledgers are printed, or when the Account Administrator lists are produced. 

Employee (or Payroll) Number: For existing administrators, this number may be obtained from the latest version of the FAS Account Administrators List. Modifications or additions should be submitted on forms to the Financial Systems Librarian, who is solely responsible for maintenance of the Account Administrator file.

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