Account Attributes
CFDA Number
Field Name: CFDA NUMBER Inquiry Screen #: 03, 06
Common Abbreviation: CFDA Number
Dictionary Reference Numbers: FG770, FS448
Field Length: 6 numeric characters
Required Accounts: All Federal Awards
Definition: Code of Federal Domestic Assistance Number (CFDA).  Valid in General and Subsidiary ledgers.  Value is indicated on Agency award notification.  Field length is 6 characters.  Alpha and numeric.
Modification: Online
Responsibility: Account Creator
Data Verification Procedure: Account creator enters data into system based on notice of grant award.  If data not shown, enters 2-digit code representing the awarding agency.
Values: Numeric
Applicable Accounts:
Subsidiary Ledger General Ledger
5-20001 through 5-29998 0-20001 through 0-29998
5-30000 through 5-99999  
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