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Combining Line-item Budgeting with  
Automatic Budget Reallocation 

Expenditures can be budgeted using a combination of line-item budgeting of some subaccounts and pool budgeting (Automatic Budget Reallocation) of others. For example, if an administrator wished to spend only $100 for office supplies, but wanted to pool budget $2900 for all the other kinds of supplies, the following budget could be entered for the supply subaccounts: 

Original Budget 
Revised Budget 
Balance Available (Overdraft) 
Supply Pool 
Lab Supplies 
Office Supplies 
Shop Supplies 
All expenditures for office supplies would be charged to the $100 budgeted, but expenditures for any other supply subaccount would be charged against the $2,900 pool budget. If the $100 budget were exhausted, an overdraft would show at that subaccount. For an illustration of how expenditures against lab supplies or shop supplies would affect the budget pool, review Automatic Budget Reallocation

Budgeting with a combination of line-item and pool budgeting is available on a fiscal-year or project-period basis only. It cannot be used on a monthly basis. 

How Automatic Budget Reallocation [pool budgeting] Works in FAS 

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