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Budgeting is simply the process whereby projections of revenue or expenditure can be made in subsidiary ledger accounts. For example, amounts can be budgeted for faculty salaries, telephone bills, equipment purchases, travel, etc. A revenue budget could be established for tuition, sales, conference fees, etc. 

Budgeting in the General Ledger 

Budgeting is not available in the general ledger. However, when a revenue or expenditure budget is entered into a subsidiary ledger account, a corresponding entry is automatically entered into the associated general ledger account in the 91X0 summary account control range. As revenue is received, or as expenditures are made in the subsidiary ledger account, a similar entry is made in summary account controls 93L0 or 95L0, allowing for a quick comparison between budget and actual. Since it is possible to budget more or less than is available in the general ledger fund balance, an indication of unappropriated or unbudgeted "cash" can be made by comparing the fund balance account control with the 91X0 summary account controls. 

Budgeting in the Subsidiary Ledgers 

Budgeting is available in the subsidiary ledgers. 
Budgeting Revenue and Expenditures 

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