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Ledger 1 Blocking 
Ledger 1: Current Unrestricted Funds 
Unrestricted Budget Revenues 
General Ledger Range: 0–16500/16999 
Subsidiary Ledger Range: 1–00000/99999 
Applicable Subaccounts Revenue subaccount range 0100/0675
General Ledger Summary Controls:  Fund Balance  3160 
  Current Year Budget  9110 
  Future Year Budget  9210 
  Revenue  9310 
The unrestricted budget expenditures encompass the activities of the University’s academic areas (the College, the Divisions, the Professional Schools), the administrative offices serving those areas (Office of the President, Office of the Comptroller, etc.), unrestricted student aid, and academic support. 

Unrestricted budget revenues are those funds identified as support for the unrestricted expenditures. 

System-defined  1–00000   
Tuition  1–10000/19999  0–16500/16800 
Student Fees  1–20000/29999  0–16500/16800 
Indirect Cost Recovery  1–30000/39999  0–16800 
Private Gifts  1–40000/49999  0–16800 
Endowment Income  1–50000/59999  0–16800 
Investment Income     
  GAM Income  1–60000/60099  0–16800 
  GAM Income Distributed  1–60100/61999  0–16800 
  Internal and Working Capital Interest  1–62000/62999  0–16800 
  Other  1–63000/63999  0–16800 
Other Sources  1–70000/79999  0–16800 
Nonmandatory Transfers  1–80000/81999  0–16800 

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