FAS Gargoyle
FAS User's Manual
Table of Contents


General Ledger Blocking Overview 
Memo Bank Accounts  000001/00099 
Current Unrestricted Funds: 
  Auxiliary Enterprises  010000/11999 
  Recharge Operations  012000/12999 
  Designated Funds  013000/14999 
  Educational Activities  015000/15499 
  General Funds  015500/16499 
  Unrestricted Budget: 
    Fund Balance Accounts 
    Asset and Liability Accounts 
Current Restricted Funds: 
  Federal Grants and Contracts  0-20000/29999 
  Private Gifts 0-30000/33999
  Nonfederal Gifts, Grants and Contracts  034000/39998 
  Restricted Endowment Income  040000/49999 
Loan Funds  050000/59999 
Endowment Principal Funds  060000/69999 
Annuity and Life Income Funds  070000/79999 
Plant Funds: 
  Unexpended Plant Funds  080000/87979 
  Financial Statement Adjustments (Comptroller's Use Only)  087980/88999 
  Investment in Physical Property  089000/89999 
Agency Funds and Miscellaneous: 
  Operations of Investment Properties 
owned by Endowment, Annuity & Life Income Funds 
  Agency Accounts  095000/95999 
  Rollup Accounts  096000/96999 

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