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Subsidiary Ledgers 

The nine subsidiary ledgers (ledgers 19) are used to maintain the revenues and expenditures of the institution. 

Nearly all of the transactions that enter FAS update accounts in these ledgers. At the University, there are over 16,000 accounts in the subsidiary ledgers, and more than 100,000 transactions are processed each month to update these accounts. 

As money is spent or as income is recorded in each subsidiary ledger account, that information is sent to an account in the general ledger so the University can keep track of its assets, liabilities and fund balances. 

The subsidiary ledgers and their numbers are: 

1  Unrestricted revenue 

2  Auxiliaries, recharge operations, designated funds, educational activity funds and general funds 

3  Sales and service with the University of Chicago Hospitals 

4  Current unrestricted appropriations 

5  Federal grants and contracts 

6  Nonfederal grants and contracts and gifts 

7  Restricted endowment income 

8  Plant fund accounts 

9  Agency accounts and miscellaneous 

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