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Account Create/Cost Transfer System (ACCTS)

Use of ACCTS requires a login ID and password.
It may take several minutes for a system to load and prompt for your identification. Canceling out of the login may take several seconds.

If you already have a login ID and password, you may launch ACCTS.

Comptroller's contact information for the Cost Transfer module is contained in the forms below:

     - ACCTS New Department Setup Form
          ADOBE or WORD
     - ACCTS New User Form 
          ADOBE or WORD

After initial Department setup, changes or additions to ACCTS user accounts may be requested from accts-support.

ACCTS Description

The Account Create and Cost Transfer System (ACCTS) consists of two modules, the Account Create module and the Cost Transfer module.

With the Account Create module, users can perform a number of tasks required for FAS account management: create and modify FAS accounts, set freeze and delete flags, and enter budgets. ACCTS automates the notification of interested parties when accounts are created or budgets entered. Currently, account management is restricted to accounts in ledgers 2, 4, 5, and 6.

The Cost Transfer Module of ACCTS replaces the paper Expenditure Transfer (Comptroller Form 61) and Journal Voucher (Comptroller Form 60) forms for certain types of cost transfers. Transfers are allowed to and from all Ledger 2, Ledger 4, and Ledger 5 accounts, and Ledger 6 grant, contract, and gift accounts.

Access to ACCTS is by username and password. ACCTS account setup is handled through Local Business Center (LBC) or Department administration. Users may be given access to either or both of the ACCTS modules, as appropriate.

Technical Information

Related Application: ACCTS Cost Transfer Lookup (ACTL)

This application allows authorized signers of University accounts to look up the details of cost transfers submitted through ACCTS. Unlike ACCTS, it does NOT require a login ID and password. To look up a Journal Voucher or Expenditure Transfer, you must have an authorized signer number and know the Control Number of the transfer you are looking for. Click here for ACTL.