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Primary user's responsibilities

  • To ensure that equipment is used in a way that is consistent with the purpose for which it was acquired.
  • To take precautions to protect equipment under their cognizance from theft or damage.
  • To inform their departmental equipment coordinator or the Property Management Section of changes in the location, status, condition or disposition of the equipment for which they are responsible.

Department's responsibilities:

  • To make certain that the primary users are complying with the procedures and policies contained in the Property Management System Manual.
  • To designate an individual as its Equipment Coordinator, who will function as a liaison between the department and the Property Management Section of the Comptroller's Office.

Departmental equipment coordinator responsibilities:

  • To inform departmental personnel of University policies and procedures regarding equipment.
  • Ascertaining that the annual screening reports accurately represent the property assets under the department's cognizance.
  • Screening departmental property records before requisitioning equipment that will cost more than $5,000 per item as required by Financial Policy No. 1004.7.
  • Tagging newly acquired assets and returning the equipment information forms to the Property Management Section.
  • Notifying Property Management Section of any equipment transactions disposals, theft or changes in the status or location of equipment.
  • Taking the physical inventories as required by Financial Policy No. 1004.6.

Comptroller's Office Property Management Section Responsibilities:

  • Providing information as requested for required Federal Reports.
  • Developing and managing the policies and procedures contained in this manual.
  • Recording property transactions in PMS as furnished by departments.
  • Notifying other institutions when equipment is being transferred to them.

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