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In accordance with Financial Policy No. 1004.5, the Comptroller's Office is responsible for maintaining a permanent detailed record of all fixed and moveable equipment used by the University and owned by the University or the Federal government.

Annual Reports

Inventory/Screening Report

The Property Management Section provides 2 complete inventory lists annually to each department. The purpose of these reports is to help departments do screening to avoid buying duplicative equipment and to aid in reporting information for trade-ins, equipment transfers, disposals, and location changes. These reports are a listing all the equipment on record in that department by:

  • Asset/tag number order
  • Building, room number order

Fully Depreciated Equipment Under $5,000 Report:

The Property Management Section will send out a report listing all fully depreciated equipment under $5,000. This equipment will be deleted from the Property System under Financial Policy No. 1004.5.

Physical Inventory of Property Reports:

The Property Management Section will send out reports listing the equipment items that are to be located by the department and the procedures and instructions for taking the inventory.

Monthly Reports

Tagging Requests:

The Property Management Section will send out Tagging Requests requesting information for equipment purchases made in the previous month.

Special Reports:

Contact the Property Management Section for information regarding special reporting needs.

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