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Blanket Property Insurance:

The University maintains a blanket property insurance program which covers physical damage to University owned property. This insurance is provided automatically. However this program does not cover property while in transit. Departments must pay for replacement of stolen property from their budgets unless they elect to participate in the University's Theft Insurance Program.

Theft Insurance Program:

Participation in the Theft Insurance Program is voluntary. To participate in the theft insurance program, a department must contact the Risk Management Department at 702-1951.
Each year, departments must confirm their participation by submitting to Risk Management Department by July 1 a current list of equipment that the department desires to insure and a completed Interdepartmental Order (form 62). If a department currently participates in the Theft Insurance Program and does not submit a current list, coverage will end on June 30 of each fiscal year.

Property in Transit Insurance:

Contact the Risk Management Department at 702-1951 to arrange insurance for property in transit

Employee's personal property:

The University does not insure employee personal property. Employees who bring personal property to the work place should make sure that they have adequate insurance on their property.
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