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  • When a gift of equipment is received by a department, the department must notify the Property Management Area in the Comptroller's Office and forward:
    • Equipment Addition Form
    • All related gift correspondence from the donor
    • An appraisal if available
    • IRS Form 8283 Noncash Charitable Contributions with Section B completed by the donor.
  • The Comptroller's Office will make certain that:
    • The proper accounting entries are made to record the gift and the asset in PMS, the FAS system, and the Alumni Development Database System (ADDS).
    • An equipment tag and a request for tagging information is issued, and a property record is created.
    • The IRS Form 8283 is signed by the appropriate University of Chicago authorized signer and is returned to the donor.

Note: Gifts of land, real estate, books, works of art, and securities are not covered under this procedure. Please contact the Development Office on how to handle these types of gifts.

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