Financial Information Services

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The following data fields are available in PMS for each asset record. The asterisk* denotes required data fields. Custom reports for asset records can be written using any of these fields.

  Account percentage
* Account(s) charged - up to 6 unique 10 digit FAS accounts
  Accumulated depreciation
* Acquisition date
  Annual depreciation expense
* Asset number
  Batch ID
* Building name
* Building number
* Class code
  Condition code
  Corridor number
* Department number
* Description - up to 12 lines
  Document number
* Executive level number
  FAS agency code
  FAS award number
  FAS control #
* Federal contribution
* Floor number
  Inventory date
  Model number
  Name/address/social security number of individuals that have U of C equipment in off campus locations
* Original cost
* Ownership code
  Part of asset number
  Principal investigator
  Purchase order/interdepartmental order number
* Room number
  Serial number
  Sub department
  Sub sub department

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