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Preliminary Account Distribution Report

To provide departments with a summary of the previous fiscal year's account distributions (in percentages only) for MONTHLY employees who had part or all of their salary charged to sponsored projects. This comprehensive report incorporates the entire fiscal year's payroll activity, including Payroll Expense Transfers, check cancellations (if any), retroactive adjustments, etc., that have been processed as of the date the report is created.

Selection Criteria: 
1) A report will be generated for monthly employees who had part or all of their salary for the fiscal year charged to account(s) in the following range(s):

6-34000 to 6-36999, and 
6-94000 to 6-96999.

2) A separate report will be produced for monthly employees who had any part of their Extra Service paid from accounts in the ranges given above.

3) The Preliminary Account Distribution report will calculate percentage of effort required to comply with the Department of Health and Human Services’ salary caps (see Appendix F for more information).

Distribution Procedure:
The reports are distributed to the individual’s "responsible department" indicated on the payroll system, and are alphabetical, by employee, within each department.

Use By Department: 
Administrators should use this form to determine whether or not a salary distribution needs to be changed, via Form UPP 103. To be considered timely, transfer of salary charges to sponsored projects should be made as follows: 

Transfers for April salary charges must be submitted by July.
Transfers for May salary charges must be submitted by August.
Transfers for June salary charges must be submitted by September.

If no changes are made, then the percentages of salary shown on the report will be the exact percentages of effort that the employee must certify when they complete the Annual Certification Statement.

Preliminary Acount Distribution Report [PDF]

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