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Monthly Monitoring Report

To provide departments with a "snapshot" of payroll distributions to be charged to sponsored projects. Payroll Expense Transfers, retroactive adjustments, and other "after the fact" payroll transactions are not included in this report. The report is FORWARD looking, and supplements the Payroll Expense Distribution Reports (PEXP091-2).

Selection Criteria: 
This report includes anyone on the Payroll system who, for the current month, will have part or all of their compensation charged to account(s) in the following range(s):

6-34000 to 6-36999, and 
6-94000 to 6-96999.

The report displays payroll distributions the way they appear on the payroll funding form: each of an individual's active jobs total 100.00%. In cases where there is more than a single line of distribution, rounding may cause the total for a particular job to be slightly less than 100.00%.

Use By Department: 
If the percentage distributions are incorrect, or if an individual who actually works on a sponsored project is missing from the report, administrators must make corrections via the MAF or PAF. If the administrator has missed the deadline for submitting payroll funding forms to be effective for a particular monthly or biweekly payperiod, they can submit the payroll funding form for the following payperiod, and complete a Payroll Expense Transfer Form (UPP 103) for the payperiod deadline that was missed.

Administrators may also use the report to compile a list of individuals currently being charged to a particular award, and meet monthly with the Principal Investigator to discuss any changes that need to be made.

Distribution Procedure: 
The report is distributed to the individual’s "responsible department" indicated on the Payroll System. Individuals are listed alphabetically within each department. 

Monthly Monitoring Report:

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