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To make timely revisions to the estimates submitted on the apointment forms, in order to properly reflect actual effort.


Changes in salary distributions to grants and contract must be made in a timely and accurate manner. For payroll charges that have already taken place, the Payroll Expense Transer Form (UPP 103) is the only form that may be used. To change effort distributions for future months, use the Personnel Action Forms.


Department/Divisional Level:
Maintain an effective system of reviewing payroll distribution registers, and processing Payroll Expense Transfer Forms (UPP 103), to ensure timely, reasonable distributions to sponsored projects and other departmental/divisional cost centers. Select this link for an example of the Payroll Expense Transfer Form (UPP 103); select this link to see a partial example of the Payroll Expense Detail Report (PEXPO92), and see Appendix C for instructions on completing Form UPP 103.

For a discussion of what consititutes a timely transfer, refer to Appendix B of this document and to the Cost Transfer Procedure document prepared by and available from the Restricted Funds Section of the Comptroller’s Office.

Comptroller’s Office, Restricted Funds Section:
Review all Payroll Expense Transfer Forms (UPP 103) that involve sponsored projects, to ensure compliance with Univeristy policy and procedure. Forward approved transfers to the Payroll Department for processing.

Comptroller’s Office, Payroll Deparment:
Process Payroll Expense Tranfer Forms (UPP 103) according to a pre-established deadline schedule (see Appendix D). If the transfer involves a sponsored project, forward it to Restricted Funds for approval before processing.

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