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Attachment to the Closing Memo

To notify account administrators of all payroll distributions currently scheduled to be charged to a grant or contract that is terminating. This report is a "snapshot" of payroll distributions against that grant or contract at a particular point in time. 

Selection Criteria: 
The report selects individuals scheduled to be paid from an account that requires a Closing Memo. The percentage of current compensation to be charged to that account will be printed on the report. 

Distribution Procedure: 
This report is an attachment to the Closing Memo, handled exclusively by Restricted Funds, and is distributed approximately one month in advance of the end date of the grant or contract. A copy of the closing memo, without the attachment, is sent to the Principal Investigator for the award. 

Use By Department:

The report lists not only the percentage of an individual's compensation charged to the grant or contract, but also the end date indicated on the individual's payroll funding form. If the percentage is incorrect, administrators should make timely corrections via the Personnel Action Forms.

If the administrator has missed the deadline for submitting payroll funding forms to be effective for a particular monthly or biweekly payperiod, they should be instructed to submit the payroll funding form for the following payperiod, and complete a Payroll Expense Transfer Form (UPP 103) for the payperiod deadline that was missed.

In preparing Form UPP 103, departments should refer to the Cost Transfer Procedure document prepared by and available from the Restricted Funds Section of Comptroller's.

Attachment to the Closing Memo:


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