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Appendix G: Corrected Annual Certification Statements

Occasionally, an individual’s salary distribution changes after his/her Annual Certification Statement has been prepared and distributed. Some of the common situations that would cause such changes include the following:

  1. Late Cost Transfers (salary) approved by the Restricted Funds Section/Associate Comptroller
  2. Retroactive Adjustments to increase or decrease the rate of salary for pay dates in a prior fiscal year
  3. Cancellation of checks dated in a prior fiscal year

Whenever these situations arise it is the responsibility of the Payroll Department to determine what impact (if any) these changes will have on the Annual Certification Statement for the fiscal year in question. If the effort percentages shown on the Statement will change as a result of a transaction(s), the Payroll Department will prepare a Corrected Statement. The Corrected Statement will reflect the effort percentages for that fiscal year, as they would appear AFTER the transaction(s) had been processed.

Please note that if a Corrected Statement is required, Late Cost Transfers for salary (item #1, above) will NOT be processed until the Corrected Statement has been signed and returned to the Payroll Department.

The same signing procedure applies to the Corrected Annual Certification Statement: Each faculty member should certify their own ACS. Principal investigators should also sign the ACSs for non-faculty employees charged to their awards unless they have the employee sign their own ACS. Administrators should not certify an ACS other than their own. However, in cases where the employee or principal investigator are not available, an administrator may certify the effort provided they can document their basis for verifying that the actual work was performed.