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TO: University Administrators
FROM: Robert Smentek, Associate Comptroller
SUBJECT: Ticketless Travel (Electronic Tickets) - Original Airline Passenger Receipts Required
DATE: February 22, 1999, revised February 14, 2001

According to University Financial Policy 1202 regarding travel, original passenger receipts are always required for the reimbursement of airline tickets.  This rule also applies to electronic tickets (e-tickets).

When a traveler orders e-tickets over the phone or  the Internet, either directly from an airline or a travel agency, he/she should request that an original passenger receipt is sent through the mail.   If the traveler does not receive an original passenger receipt through the mail, they must request a passenger receipt at the time of airport check-in.  This requirement applies to all travelers including visitors.

Effective immediately, if an original passenger receipt is not provided by the traveler, the Travel Expense Voucher will be returned to your department. The traveler will then :

1. Resubmit the transaction with an original passenger receipt, 
2. Resubmit the transaction with a signed memo or e-mail message stating:
a) Why he/she is unable to provide an original receipt and
b) That he/she is not going to be reimbursed for the cost of the airline ticket from any other source.
The University of Chicago is not unique in regard to this receipt requirement.  All major universities adhere to this practice.  Every major airline has a procedure in place whereby travelers are either automatically issued, or can obtain, original passenger receipts.  Listed below are excerpts from a few airline web pages.

United Airlines' web site states: 

        If you need receipts and itineraries right away they may be
        provided to you via fax. Otherwise they will be mailed to you. 

        If your original receipt is lost, a duplicate receipt may be faxed
        to you or picked up at any United location up to 7 days after
        your travel is completed

Example: United Airlines Passenger Receipt (from airlines)
Example: United Airlines Passenger Receipt (from the designated travel agency) 

Southwest Airlines' web site states:

You will receive a receipt with itinerary and confirmation number by mail and fax, if you prefer, (if you use Ticketless Travel Online or call us directly), or by fax to your travel agency. Keep the receipt in a handy place, and take it to the airport with you on your date of travel. But don't worry if you forget it, Southwest will be able to confirm your reservation, check you in and hand you a plastic boarding card at the gate based on information contained in our computer system. Just give us your confirmation number or even your name and we'll track you down.
Example: Southwest Airlines Passenger Receipt US Airway's web site states:
A combined itinerary and receipt will be mailed to you when you purchase your Electronic Ticket through US Airways reservations or immediately available when you purchase your Electronic Ticket at any US Airways location.
Example: US Airway Airlines Passenger Receipt

Other Airline Examples of Passenger Receipts/Itineraries:

Northwest Airlines
American Airlines
Continental Airlines

I highly recommend that departments provide all travelers, especially visitors, with the new Travel Expense Envelope that outline the University's receipt requirements for all travel related expenses.


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