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Administrative Announcement

To: Administrators
Date: April 10, 2003
From: General
Subject: Safe Mail Handling Pocecures

In light of recent events we would like to remind you to use extra care in handling mail.

General Mail Handling

· Be observant for suspicious envelopes or packages.
· Open all mail with a letter opener or method that is least likely to disturb contents.
· Open packages/envelopes with a minimum amount of movement.
· Do not blow into envelopes.
· Do not shake or pour out contents.
· Keep hands away from nose, and mouth while opening mail.
· Wash hands after handling mail.
· We also recommend that you wear latex gloves when opening mail. If you are allergic to latex, hypoallergenic gloves are available).

What constitutes suspicious mail or parcels?

The mail or parcel is considered suspicious when it is/has:

· a powdery substance on the outside; · excessive postage, tape, a handwritten or poorly typed address, incorrect titles, or titles with no names, or misspelling of common words;
· unexpected or from someone unfamiliar to you;
· from a foreign country and is not expected;
· addressed to someone no longer with the organization or otherwise outdated;
· no return address, or has one that cannot be verified as legitimate;
· an unusual weight, given its size, or is lopsided or oddly shaped;
· marked with restrictive language, such as "Personal " or "Confidential";
· protruding wires, strange odors or stains;
· a postmark that does not match the return address.

What should I do if I receive suspicious mail or a suspicious parcel?

· Do not handle the mail or parcel.
· Notify your supervisor immediately.
· Notify the University of Chicago Police Department at extension 123 (773-702-8181 if calling from an outside telephone). The University of Chicago Police will notify the University of Chicago's Safety Office and other appropriate agencies.
· Make sure that the suspicious mail or parcel remains isolated.
· Leave the area of the suspicious mail or parcel and do not let others into the area until appropriate a authorities have indicated that it is safe to do so.
· Ensure that each person who touched the suspicious mail or parcel washes his or her hands with soap and water.
· List all persons who have touched the suspicious mail or parcel.

If you should have any questions, please contact Steven Beaudoin, Director of Safety and Parking Services, at 773-702-9999.