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Financial Information and Services
TO: University Account Administrators
FROM: Casey J. Murray, Associate Comptroller
DATE: July 30, 1996

The University's Indirect Cost Rate Agreement with the Federal government established the following predetermined indirect cost rates for fiscal years 1996, 1997 and 1998:

Indirect Costs

Activity Location FY 96 FY 97  FY 98 
Research On-Campus  55% 53% 53%
Instruction On-Campus 55% 53% 53%
Other Sponsored Activities/OSA  On-Campus 47% 47% 47%
Research/Instruction Off-Campus 26% 26% 26%

Please review your July AM090/91 Reports to confirm that they reflect the Fiscal Year 1997 indirect cost rates. If they do not, call your Comptroller Office Contact for those Reports.