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Human Resources Announcements

This page contains announcements and other information from Human Resources, the University’s central HR function. Information on this page may be especially helpful to University administrators in performing the HR function in their units. Staff employees may be interested in viewing the University’s Personnel Policies. Contact HR – Communications at 2-2046 regarding questions about this site or information posted on this page.


The University’s Personnel Policies apply to staff employees at the University. Bargaining Unit employees may also wish to check the appropriate labor agreements for more information.

Personnel Policy Index (Current)


November 28, 2012: Payroll Related Deadlines for University Employees - 2012-2013

November 1, 2011: Payroll Related Deadlines for University Employees - 2011-2012

June 29, 2009: Change in Employment Services Contacts

June 23, 2009: Minimum Wage Increase

October 8, 2008:: Listhost Subscription