Account Attributes
Payment Mode
Field Name: PAYMENT MODE Inquiry Screen #: 03
Common Abbreviation: Payment Mode
Dictionary Reference Number: FG676
Field Length: 1 numeric character
Definition: This attribute indicates how cash is received for grants and contracts in Ledgers 5 and 6.  Payments are received either by letter of credit, cost reimbursement, scheduled payment, in full at the beginning of the grant or contract period of by some other method indicated in the grant or contract.
Modification: Online
Responsibility: Post-Award Administrator
Data Verification Procedure: Post-Award Administrator enters data into system.
1 Paid by letter of credit
2 Scheduled payment
3 Cost-Reimbursement
4 Request for advance and/or reimbursement
5 Per case study
6 Full payment at beginning of grant/contract
7 Others
Applicable Accounts: General Ledger 
020001 through 0-39998
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