Processing Appointments for Faculty and Other Academic Appointees (OAA)


I.   Submit requests for the following transactions on

      the MAF:

      A. New Hires (except postdoctoral fellowships)

      B. Promotions

      C. Additional Appointments (except postdoctoral fellowships)

      D. Leaves of Absence (LOA)

      E. Updating the title of an individual with Faculty or Academic Non-Faculty status

      F. Unpaid Appointments

Only duplex-copied (two-sided copies) MAFs will be accepted.


The PAF is a turn-around document produced whenever any of the above transactions are processed. Departments use the PAF to update/change information pertaining to a given appointment. Once those changes are processed, another PAF will be generated reflecting those changes. Click here for more information.

II.   Continue to use the PAF to process the following transactions:

       A. Salary Increases or Decreases

       B. Changes in Funding Only

       C. Update or Change Period of Residence

       D. Reappointments

       E. Personal Information Updates

       F. Extension of current Leave Of Absence

       G. Return from Leave Of Absence (without salary and partial salary LOA’s only)

       HEnding one of an academic employee’s appointments (cf. Termination, below)


III. Continue to use the Postdoctoral Fellowship Appointment Form (University Form 11F) for all Postdoctoral Fellowship Appointments.

IV. Use the Academic Termination Form when terminating faculty and academic non-faculty from the  Payroll/Personnel System (cf. II.H, above).



       A.  Percent of Effort Table

       B.  Job Codes Table

       C.  Executive and Department Levels

       D.  Committees, Centers, and Other Interest Groups That Are Currently Used for Academic Appointments