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Appendix E
3Q Processing Manual For User Departments

How Does Payroll Know When to Set Someone Up for 3Q?

The Payroll Department initially sets up individuals for 3Q processing based on the Multiple Action Form (MAF) completed by academic departments. Payroll looks for two specific pieces of information on the MAF:


This field on the MAF is the first one the Payroll Department evaluates to determine if an individual should be 3Q. Based on the terms of the contract (see above), the Provost indicates how many months of the year the faculty member is to be in residence.


This section must be completed for all individuals who are to accrue salary. On the current MAF, two periods of residence can be indicated. However, the Payroll system can accommodate only one period of residence per person, at any given time. Once the first period of residence is updated in the Payroll system, a PAF will be generated.

Note: leave the Period of Residence blank if it is the same as the salary period, that is, for 4Q and term appointments.

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