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Appendix E
3Q Processing Manual For User Departments

Table of Contents:

I. What is a 3Q Appointment?

II. Overview and Examples of 3Q Processing

III. How Does Payroll Know When to Set Someone Up for 3Q?

A. Fields on the Faculty/Academic Non-Faculty Forms:
i. Accrual? (Y/N)
ii. Periods of Residence

IV. How to Identify/Update/Change 3Q’S on PAF Forms

A. HAFCP Indicator
B. Res Begin/Res End (date)
C. Distribution Information (earnings code)

V. Introduction to 3Q Accounting

A. 100% of Salary is Charged to a Ledger 4- Account
B. Salary is Split Between Two Ledger 4- Accounts
C. Grant Account to be Charged Specific Amount
D. 3Q Appt Combined with 4Q ADM Allowance

VI. Preparing Form UPP103 to Correct Salary Distributions