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Financial Information and Services
Date: November 30, 1998
To: University Administrators 
From: Chris Keeley, Associate Vice-President of Human Resources Management
William J. Hogan, Jr., Comptroller
In re: Change in Casual Payroll Procedures for Staff Employees

We are writing to inform you that effective with the pay period beginning January 10, 1999, the Casual Payroll procedure currently used by departments to pay staff employees who are not University of Chicago students will be eliminated.   A new set of forms, the Staff One Time Payment Request Form (UPP 183OT) and Temporary Employment Form (UPP 161T), have been developed to allow departments to hire and pay employees who work for the University on a temporary or on an “as needed” basis.  This change is being implemented to ensure compliance with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and other regulatory requirements of employment, including the University’s obligation to comply with the current bargaining unit agreements. 

Under the new procedures a temporary employee can be hired and paid in one of two ways. 

  1. If the assignment is only going to last a single pay period, and you are certain that the individual will not be hired again by your School, Division or Administrative unit for at least three months, then the employee should be paid on a
    Staff One Time Payment Request Form (UPP 183OT).

  2. If you feel the individual will work again for your School, Division or Administrative unit within the next three months or throughout the year, prepare a  Temporary Employment Form (UPP 161T).  This form has been developed by Human Resources to significantly streamline the process for hiring a temporary employee.  For example, an application form is no longer required to hire a temporary employee.  Instead, a single one-page form will now capture all the necessary employee and job-related information needed to place a temporary employee on the payroll system. 

These forms and related procedures are now accessible from the University’s administrative web site “AdmiNET” at the address listed below:


We encourage you to retrieve these forms and familiarize yourself with the related instructions and procedures prior to the effective date of this change.

Please note: The process for hiring regular benefits eligible employees remains unchanged.  Continue to use the University of Chicago Requisition and Approval for Employment Form (UPP 161).  This also includes any employee who moves from temporary status to regular status.   In most cases the benefits eligible job will have to be posted.   When hiring a previous temporary employee into a benefits-eligible position, the temporary rate of pay is not guaranteed to remain the same.  Departmental budgets, the level of the position, equity, bargaining unit provisions and the applicant's credentials (i.e., certification, test scores, relevant experience) will be used to determine the appropriate salary.

Questions regarding the Temporary Employment Form (UPP 161T) should be directed to Janice Cobb in Human Resources Management (HRM), Ingleside 201.  Questions regarding the Staff One Time Payment Request Form (UPP 183OT) should be directed to Agnes Tordai in the Comptroller's Office-Payroll Department, Mott 322