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Financial Services
Payroll Department

TO: Deans, Department Heads and Administrative Staff
FROM: Janice Cobb, Human Resources
Jim Hamaguchi, Financial Services
Kathleen Fabiny, Provost Office
Diana Jergovic, Provost Office
SUBJECT: Payroll Related Deadlines for University Employees - 2011-2012
DATE: November 1, 2011

Attached please find a listing of form, time card and absence report deadlines.  The dates on the attached listing apply to faculty, monthly and biweekly staff, and academic non-faculty employees.  Please note that if a payroll form misses the deadline noted on the attached schedule, it will not be processed until the next pay period.

Please use the pay period beginning dates when processing any type of change to biweekly payroll.  All monthly staff salary changes should be effective the first of the month.

Academic appointment forms are due in the Provost’s Office by the Monthly Forms Deadline date.

Please note it is important that ALL time records in UChicago Time for your biweekly employees be approved by NOON on the MONDAY that follows each pay period end date.  In addition, all Monthly Absence Reports should be submitted by the last working day of each month to avoid any possible accrual forfeiture.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Renee Lucido (2-0315) or Peggy Scott-Haynes (2-1954) for staff employees.  For Academic and Faculty employees, please contact Christine Marrie (2-8817).

Download payroll deadlines FY 2011-2012 document [PDF]